Alimamy Sesay

Executive Director's Alimamy Sesay, the esteemed Executive Director and founder of the Earth Regenerative Project International, is a dynamic and dedicated leader with a profound commitment to environmental sustainability and community development. With a background in environmental science and policy, Executive Director's Sesay brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their role, leveraging a multidisciplinary approach to address complex challenges.

Over the course of his illustrious career, Executive Director's Sesay has been a driving force in pioneering innovative solutions for environmental conservation and climate change mitigation. His visionary leadership has been instrumental in shaping the Earth Regenerative Project into a beacon of hope for Sierra Leone's and Africa environmental future.

Executive Director's Sesay excels in fostering strategic partnerships with government agencies, NGOs, United Nations Environment Programme and local communities, creating a collaborative ecosystem for sustainable development. He possesses a keen understanding of the intricate interplay between ecological preservation and human well-being, ensuring that the Earth Regenerative Project's initiatives are not only environmentally sound but also socially and economically beneficial.

Under his guidance, the Earth Regenerative Project has successfully implemented a range of impactful programs, from reforestation projects to community-based conservation efforts. Executive Director's Sesay believes in the power of education and community engagement, empowering local residents to become stewards of their natural surroundings.

Beyond his leadership within the organization, Executive Director’s Sesay is a passionate advocate for global environmental awareness. He has been a prominent voice in national and international forums, articulating the importance of sustainable practices and inspiring others to join the collective effort in addressing the pressing issues of our time.

In essence, Executive Director's Alimamy Sesay stands as a beacon of leadership and inspiration, driving positive change in Sierra Leone's environmental landscape. His unwavering dedication to the Earth Regenerative Project's mission underscores his commitment to creating a resilient and sustainable future for generations to come. Through his visionary leadership, Executive Director's Sesay continues to shape a legacy of environmental stewardship and community empowerment in Sierra Leone. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management and earned several certificates in Environmental Sciences

    He is the formal Thought for Food Global Ambassador
    He is the formal National Coordinator for the West & Central Africa of the United Nations Major Group for Children & Youth (UNMGCY)
    He is a certified Climate Reality Leader trained by AL Gore former vice president of the United States of America
    He is a formal National Coordinator Team 54 Project International
    He is a Human Rights Leader trained in Turkey by the United States Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights
    He served as an Adviser at the United Nations General Assembly in 2023

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