Habibu R. Bundu

Habibu is a dynamic and highly educated professional whose journey through academia and the professional world has sculpted a versatile and accomplished individual. With a multifaceted background spanning engineering, public administration, cybersecurity, and computer science, I have cultivated a unique blend of technical expertise and managerial acumen. This amalgamation has empowered me to make substantial contributions to the realms of education and technology, where I've had the privilege of leaving my mark.

Education Odyssey
Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

My academic journey commenced with a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This foundational experience instilled in me a profound technical grounding, nurturing my problem-solving skills and endowing me with a deep comprehension of intricate systems.

Master's Degree in Public Administration

My thirst for knowledge led me to pursue a Master's Degree in Public Administration. This educational venture expanded my horizons to the intricacies of governance, policy formulation, and organizational management. It honed my abilities in leadership and strategic planning, adding a managerial dimension to my skill set.

Postgraduate Diploma in Cyber Security

My fascination with the realm of cybersecurity spurred me to undertake a postgraduate diploma. This immersive program equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to safeguard critical information systems from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Master's Degree in Computer Science

My educational expedition reached new heights with a Master's Degree in Computer Science. Here, I delved into advanced concepts in software development, artificial intelligence, and data analysis, expanding my technical repertoire.

Professional Odyssey
Lecturer at Milton Margai Technical University

In my role as a lecturer, I have had the distinct honor of sharing my wealth of knowledge and passion for technology with the next generation of engineers and computer scientists. I am deeply committed to nurturing talent and preparing students to confront the challenges of the digital age.

Managing Director of E Solution Limited

As the Managing Director of E Solution Limited, I have presided over a dynamic technology company specializing in innovative solutions within the domains of cybersecurity, software development, and IT consulting. Under my leadership, E Solution Limited has achieved remarkable growth and made a significant impact in the technology sector.

Technical Proficiencies

My educational background in electrical and electronic engineering, cybersecurity, and computer science has endowed me with robust technical skills spanning various facets of technology.

Leadership Prowess

My experiences as a Managing Director, coupled with my Master's in Public Administration, have honed my leadership abilities. I possess the capacity to guide teams and organizations effectively, steering them toward achieving their goals.

Cybersecurity Acumen

My diploma in cybersecurity has furnished me with in-depth knowledge of security measures, risk assessment, and strategies to safeguard digital assets in an ever-expanding digital landscape.


As a lecturer, I have become adept at elucidating complex technical concepts in an approachable manner and fostering a learning environment that nurtures critical thinking.


My role at E Solution Limited has granted me the privilege to drive innovation and develop cutting-edge solutions to address contemporary technological challenges.


My passions lie at the intersection of technology and education. I ardently believe that equipping individuals with technical skills and knowledge is fundamental for personal growth and societal advancement. Moreover, my unwavering dedication to cybersecurity underscores my commitment to preserving the integrity of digital ecosystems and data in an increasingly interconnected world.

My journey through academia, complemented by my diverse professional experiences and multifaceted skill set, has culminated in a well-rounded individual poised to make substantial contributions to the realms of education and technology. I am brimming with enthusiasm for the future of technology and its potential to catalyze positive societal change. My dedication knows no bounds, and I am resolute in my pursuit of excellence in these fields.


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